Make a Living While RVing Full Time

Let's take a look at a few people, cases, and ways that people are living their dream of making money online while traveling the world and living in an RV full time. We recently wrote an article about the "Vanlife" and "Home is Where You Park It" trends, revolutions, and followings. In this article, we mention the fact that some RVers are able to live life on the road and make a healthy income in doing so. This lifestyle does take patience, persistence, and skills, yet can be attainable over time and with the right attitude. There are multiple ways to make a living as you travel, yet this article is going to mainly focus on making money online and digitally, rather than in working traditional jobs as you travel.


Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, and YouTube

A few of the most common ways to earn an income, digitally, is through a) blogging b) affiliate marketing and c) YouTube. Designing a website, blogging on the website, adding sponsors and promoting products on the site, and hosting Google Adsense advertisements can bring in income (and passive income at that - making money while other read your content, click the ads, or purchase your recommended products). This truly is what you make of it and keeping up on the content, quality and optimization of the content, and blogging best-practices are necessary to "making it happen". YouTube allows you to monetize original videos, once approved to do so and you setup advertisement monetization through Google Adsense. Though these streams of income aren't anything to solely rely on from the start, they are a good place to grow from, continue mastering, and have great potential for large earnings. There are countless resources out there for earning money passively, through blogging, videos, affiliate marketing, and more. A master in this scene is Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income

Gone With the Wynns

"Gone With the Wynns" are couple Jason and Nikki Wynn and they're living this dream of traveling around in an RV, working digitally and making money as they go. This artsy couple had previously owned small businesses, Jason as a photographer and Nikki as a makeup artist. They admit that leaving their jobs, home, and studios / offices in Dallas, TX was hard to do. Transitioning to life on the road, they're offering some amazing filming, editing, writing, and other skills to make an income as-they-go. The Wynns are unique, as they make their income both through digital, passive streams as well as traditional, in-person transactions and business with clients. Here's a video to learn more about the Wynns and their life and adventures on the road in their RV. 

So just what are they earning while living in an RV full time? They wrote an article that dives into this deeper and we'll cite some of their responses to these questions. "The average yearly salary for a photographer/videographer can vary widely.  When we had our studio in Dallas we would easily earn 6 figures. On the road, we have yet to make the same earnings. If we are willing to move quickly, the pay can be lucrative because we can stick to a firm schedule and book lots of jobs in advance". The Wynns like to take time to enjoy the different locations, local breweries, restaurants, and more though. Why wouldn't or shouldn't they?

Making a living offering services such as photography can be a hard game unless you have a large network, great marketing and advertising skills, and offer a truly superb product. Though they don't specify here, I'd take a guess that their photography and filming skills earn them a decent amount of money, considering they're doing projects for some big clients in the tourism industry and can set their own rates.

Onto the topic of blogging, the Wynns say that, "Very few bloggers make any money at all, much less good money. Some months we will make $1000 (rare) while others we make $0. We can also make $100 – $300 to write content for other publications/blogs, but only when we find time to pitch an original idea". They do not take advantage of selling advertisement spots on their website, they only add one ad through Google Adsense on each of their blog posts in an effort to not clutter or detract from their website's content. Their YouTube page has a very large following and their views are very high, the Wynns do reveal their earnings overall on Google Adsense average $100-$200 per month. This article, on their website, was written in the Summer of 2013, and therefore it's a given that their YouTube earnings have had to grow substantially by now. YouTube is great in the sense that once your content is posted, those videos are evergreen content and the views on the ads of these videos continue to bring in more and more revenue.

What is the Wynns' "dream job"? "The dream job for us is the one Ansel Adams had. We would love nothing more than to be commissioned to travel from National Park to National Park and capture the beauty of our amazing national treasures!" Be sure to check out what Jason and Nikki Wynn have going on over at Gone With the Wynns.

Pippi Peterson

Another traveler who calls her motor home a full time home, is Pippi Peterson. Pippi has created an excellent resource on her website, called Pippenings, in the form of an online RVing forum where people ask questions and converse about all things RVing. Pippi is a web and graphic designer by trade and thus she trades her services for free RV rent, free electric services, or in order to make extra monthly cash-flow. Beyond this, another unique stream of income for her is through belly dancing. When traveling and living full time in an RV, making money through your hobbies, talents, and services is an excellent way to be able to continually fund your traveling.

She does have a good YouTube following and takes advantage of the Google Adsense earnings potential. Beyond this, she places advertisements on her website that will also generate more passive income. Pippi takes advantage of affiliate marketing through Commission Junction by recommending products such as BlueHost website hosting and she will receive a commission for each sale that she refers to these different businesses. Here is a video that Pippi has on her YouTube channel that dives deeper into ways that you can make money while living in an RV.

Chris & G Travels

Chris and Gina or "G" are a couple of travelers that take advantage of the potential to make income online through various ways. Chris is very into digital marketing and is designing different websites that can help increase their earnings. His newest venture is a website that takes advantage of Amazon affiliate marketing, advertising, and more. This website is called TinyHome.Guide.

"Shortly after graduating college Chris hit the road with my husky in a 1994 Ford Econoline Van. They spent a month together exploring the East Coast of the United States. This trip opened Chris’s eyes to the possibilities of the road. A year later he had sold the Econoline and purchased the camper van known as Zep. He had Alaska in mind when he stopped in Arizona to make a few extra bucks for gas money. That is where he met G and they have been traveling together ever since". 

Chris mainly worked service industry jobs on his first couple of trips, living out of that Ford Van. He initially funded his travels through working as a bartender, yet is now taking advantage of chasing the digital income dream and they are well on their way to making a solid, livable income together. Chris and G have a solid YouTube following and they post videos of anything from motor home and RV tours and walk-throughs, to information about their finances in traveling, to adventure clips of their travels. They have great momentum and we should expect to continue to see great things coming from this adventurous couple.

Heath and Alyssa of Hourly America

I feel this article would be incomplete without at least a small mention of the amazing, newlywed couple Heath and Alyssa. Heath Padgett and his wife Alyssa, toured all 50 U.S. states and are in the process of finishing their documentary of the process, called Hourly America. Heath worked a job in every single state and documented this process of searching for his path in life and his career. These two have created an online course, which is another great way to earn money online. Courses take a lot of time and dedication to build, yet can yield some amazing results with a good launch and the support of a large community. To learn more about this power couple and very entrepreneurial RVers check out their website, here.

These are just a few examples of people that are making a living while RVing full time, there are many others out there and we invite you to explore the internet for them! Generating income, in particular, passively and through digital formats is an excellent option while living in an RV. Again, this lifestyle does take patience, persistence, and skills, yet can be attainable over time and with the right attitude. If this lifestyle sounds appealing to you and it's something that you want to chase, then channel your inner entrepreneur, do some research, and reach for your dreams! Thanks for checking this article out.