The "Home is Where You Park It" and "Vanlife" Revolutions

Have you heard the phrase, seen the t-shirts, or noticed the hashtag Home is Where You Park It (#homeiswhereyouparkit) and Vanlife (#vanlife)? There is a definite following behind this life-on-the-road and the draw of a carefree lifestyle such as this is very large. Hundreds of individuals, couples, and families have decided to follow the wanderlust of living in a van or other recreational vehicle. Let's dive a little deeper into learning more about this lifestyle that is ever-growing and sought after.

 Vanlife | Location: Puerto Chicama, Peru (2014) | Photo:

Vanlife | Location: Puerto Chicama, Peru (2014) | Photo:

This mobile living, continual travel and adventure, and carefree lifestyle started in big part to adventurer Foster Huntington. Foster is a nomadic soul who started living out of an old van and created the now-popular, often trending hashtag #Vanlife that hosts thousands of posts of this lifestyle. Some of the biggest draws to living this lifestyle are the adventure and endless opportunities that are available in exploring the world, the freedom from typical life situations such as work and paying power bills, and the overall authenticity of it all. Does this Home is Where You Park It and Vanlife lifestyle sound appealing to you?

It's wanderlust may not be for everyone, maybe this lifestyle is too nomadic, too carefree, or too scary for you. For others though, this is their life. Whatever the draw, the desire, or the motive to live this lifestyle may be, they are simply doing it. Some people are living this travel adventure full time, for years on end, while others will dedicate one season or one month of the year to it. Imagine this life, though. Imagine how simple life on-the-road could and would be. It truly is what you make of it though and if you'd like to explore this lifestyle in luxury and on the higher end of the scale, then more power to you. Whether your home is an old van (that you spend countless hours fixing and working on, as you go) or a brand new class A motor home, you're still living different than most, you're standing out among the rest, and you're creating your home, your life, and your priorities as you go.

Generally speaking, this lifestyle isn't as rustic or simplified as those adventurers that go into the woods and completely rely on living off of the land through homesteading, foraging, and/or hunting. This home is where you park it and vanlife revolution is an interesting mesh of old and new. A lot of these travelers living this lifestyle carry an iPhone in their pockets and share their experiences through Instagram, YouTube, their own website or blog, and more. Even more intriguing is that some of these people are actually making a very comfortable living off of simply sharing their lifestyle with others. Through advertising on their website, blog, or videos, recommending products or services (affiliate marketing and sponsorships), and through other forms of passive income generation, they make money by being a vanlifer or RVer. For others though, they are perfectly content without money and are chasing this dream and adventure on an extremely low budget.

There is a fascination, an obsession even, with how these RV, Van, or Trailer owners customize and optimize their home-on-wheels. Here are a couple of photos of some travelers' mobile living situations and homes.

 Vanlife family  Vanderlost  in their custom Sprinter

Vanlife family Vanderlost in their custom Sprinter

 Vanlife | Custom, high end Sprinter interior |  SprinterVanLife

Vanlife | Custom, high end Sprinter interior | SprinterVanLife

Instagram is blowing up with this revolution and it has become a place where those living this lifestyle can connect, can share their lifestyle with others, and can add traction to this trend. Many of the people that label themselves as vanlifers are young, tech-saavy folks. This trend is especially growing in the Northwest United States and they're using Instagram as their tool to share, connect, and create events within the community. The documentary "The Wanderlust of #Vanlife", view-able by clicking the image below, published by The Atlantic, dives deeper into #Vanlife and into how Instagram is being used within this community.

Is it your time to live life-on-the-road and take the leap to be a part of the Home is Where You Park It and Vanlife, RVlife, or even Boatlife Revolutions? Come to the Billings RV & Boat Show to take the next step towards this lifestyle. We'll be happy to help you find what you've been dreaming of. Share this article with your friends and we look forward to seeing you all at the Billings RV & Boat Show. Thanks!