Why Dogs make the Best Travel Partners

Outside magazine recently ran an Instagram campaign where followers were encouraged to take awesome photos of their dogs during their adventures. The response was huge: tons of pet pics next to glaciers, lakes, mountains, and trails as they accompany their human companions. Some are action shots of mountain biking, running, and even flying in an airplane! These cute, clever, and downright funny images perfectly encapsulate why we make the effort to bring our furry friends with us.



Here are just six reasons why your dog makes the BEST travel companion:

1.     You get to choose the itinerary each day.

2.     You’re encouraged to get out for walks and explore, which means meeting new people, seeing new views, and other adventures.

3.     You always have someone to talk to.

4.     Your dog will let you stop and take as many photos as you want.

5.     Dogs can reduce stress and keep positive energy up.

6.     You’re creating great stories and lifelong memories together.


Sometimes it can be easy to bring your dog with you, and other times it can be more of a challenge. Wherever your destination, here are a few tips for ensuring a smooth ride to your next destination:

·    Keep your dog’s records and vaccinations up to date. It can prevent potential sickness, injuries, or obstacles if traveling across countries or through airlines.

·    Keep proper identification on hand, just in case the two of you get separated. Photos or papers are helpful. Microchips are easy and effective as well.

·    Bring a crate along; they can keep your dog safe in the RV or car, or properly confined in a hotel room. Make sure it is large enough and holds fresh water, a toy, and comfortable padding. This is safer than the bed of a truck or being unrestrained in vehicle due to swerving motion and bumps.

·    Go on walks frequently to stretch your dog’s legs, especially after a long car drive or flight. This gets the blood flowing and keeps positive energy up. A happy, balanced dog makes the best travel companion!