5 Ways to Show Off Your Talents with an RV

“Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent, and independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure and a love of play.” – Henri Matisse

This quote seems to reflect the idea of creativity in a society that craves novelty and excitement. Whether by accident, sheer luck, or pure brilliance, a creative mind has infinite opportunities for producing great things. Something designed for one purpose can be recycled for a completely different, and sometimes a more valuable, purpose. There are no limits on a creative mind!

Have you ever seen an RV that was used for something other than a means of transportation? We have found 5 examples of people who have used their creativity with vintage recreational vehicles and transformed them into a work of art, a place of business, or a source of community. You can read about them right here:

1)     RV Coffee Shop:


How would you like an espresso on the go? Vintage campers such as the Silver Bean Coffee Shop (it’s a refurbished Airstream trailer, get it?) in Cortez, Colorado or Alchemy Coffee in Richmond, Virginia are inventions of a few creative RVers who decided to turn their mobile homes into a coffee-making business! Owner Eric Spivack was so successful that he quit his job and opened a permanent coffee location in downtown Richmond. Greater Good Coffee owners Dea and Ben Scogin out of Spring, Texas started the idea of using a percentage of profits from coffee sales with their vintage camping trailer to support Haitian children. Out West, a 1964 vintage Airstream nicknamed “The Silver Eagle” is serving 100% organic coffee to customers in eastern Washington State. The owners, inspired by their daughter’s survival of cancer diagnosis, restored their shiny trailer with authentic Airstream parts and polish and began encouraging a healthier way of life for coffee lovers. The stories alone can make that fresh cup of coffee even more enjoyable! Read the original article here.

2)     RV Sewing School:


Want to learn how to sew in a cozy Pink Shasta Airflyte? One girl got the brilliant idea to take her out-of-home business literally out of her home! Annabel Wrigley of Warrenton, Virginia, grew her sewing business all over the state and decided to refurbish a vintage trailer in order to expand her travel radius. At only 12 feet long, “Penelope” still has a vintage white-and-pink look with lightning bolts and Shasta Fylte wings around the exterior. The mobile school can hold 5 students and all of their sewing machines. That’s a sure way to leave a crafty impression! Read the original article here.

3)     RV Art:


These RV sculptures put a new twist on life-size art! A vintage Serro Scotty trailer was transformed into a mobile piece of art by Lynn L. Risor Bradford from Iredell, Texas. It boasts a Victorian style country cottage with window flower boxes, white porch swing, and spiral shrub, complete with snoozing cat on the railing. The trailer door holds a faux door handle, the roof has pink tiling, and the back displays a classic red and white cruiser bicycle, just to name a few more details. The self-taught artist continued her work on the RV’s interior, painting stunning Victorian-style pottery and floral decoration, all complete with a hanging birdcage and oil lamp. One of her most amusing reactions? The flowerboxes actually attract real butterflies! See all the original photos here.

But if flowers and cats aren’t your fancy, how about a silver RV spaceship in the sky, decked out with working lights and alien figures? Artis Joe Scarpa transformed an old camper into a fabulous sculpture that sits nearly 20 feet in the air above a California park.

While it appears to be an Airstream trailer at first glance, it is actually a 1940’s vintage Curtis Wright trailer that was once sitting around as a backyard chicken coop. At night, its front and side windows light up, as well as the dual propellers and circle windows on the sides. A closer look reveals small alien silhouettes waving back to you from the spaceship’s wings. See more photos here.




4)     RV Photo Booth:


How about a customized Airstream backdrop for your wedding photos? RV owners Yvonne and Chris Johnson have taken two vintage trailers and transformed them into a commercial photography business near Austin, Texas. Living up to the motto “Keep Austin weird,” they wanted to put a new spin on the increasingly popular photo booth rental industry for weddings and special events and took it upon themselves to completely photo-proof the Airstreams. Inside, people can dress up for photos with tons of props and keep the creativity going, all while making for a truly memorable experience. The shiny exteriors fit right in with upscale events and capture the attention of its audience. Our favorite part? Seeing vintage lights on the rear window spelling out the word “LOVE.” Check out the photos here.

5)     RV Donut Spaceship:



Talk about unique! Many people are aware of trailers that have been redesigned into traveling food trucks, but you might not be aware of the “De Donutfabriek” blasting around towns in Holland. Translated into "The Donut Factory", this light green “spaceship” is a restored 1974 fiberglass BIOD camper that sells mini donuts to various markets nearby. Its bright colors and interior lights cause it to light up wherever it goes! Read more about the Donut Spaceship here.