3 Must-Have Apps For Your Next RV Vacation

Many people are familiar with the saying, “There’s an app for that!” meaning that someone has created a mobile application to assist you with pretty much anything you can think of. The truth is that apps are exploding into one of the fastest-growing industries within the 21st century. Studies are showing at about 60% of web browsing is now mobile, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Now imagine your next road trip with your smartphone. Did you know that it can tell you low clearance areas on highways, or an upcoming roadside attraction you might otherwise miss? How about turning your phone into an RV security camera? This is real technology that exists right in the palm of your hand. This article explores just a few popular apps for road trips that could come into handy for you and the family.

1)     LowClearances


While some daredevils might think they can overpower the laws of physics, reality will tell you that your large RV will not likely win the battle against a low clearance bridge on the highway. This app uses gathered GPS data to show the location of low clearance crossings on major highways and interstates across the country, and their corresponding heights. It is especially geared for travelers with large RVs who may run into trouble with older bridges and obstacles that could potentially affect your driving routes, or worse, cause a highway accident. As you approach the obstacle, it emits an alert with the obstacle’s height and determines if your RV can clear it, or otherwise provides an alternative route to avoid it. This app exists to reduce the number of bridge strikes in the US and ensure that your RV can reach its intended destination safely. You can download this app on the LowClearances website.

2)     RV Security Camera


When you are traveling in your mobile home, securing your RV and belongings is an important concern. There are a few different security apps for general surveillance, but when it comes to RVing, we recommend one called Alfred. This app hooks up to your smartphone with a Wi-Fi connection (available in many RV parks) and transfers data to your email address. It requires two smartphones to work properly, one to act as the mounted surveillance system and the other as the viewer. When one phone is mounted in the desired position in your RV, you can sit back and view the footage from your other smartphone. The app also has advanced options such as audio, front and back viewing, and even night vision! Download the Alfred app here.

3)     Roadside America




Are you the type of person who loves to pull over for a must-see, one-of-a-kind roadside attraction during your road trip? If so, this app will become your new best friend! Available for iPhone or iPad only, the Roadside America app is chock-full of unusual and quirky attractions that will add a little extra excitement to your next adventure. You can organize the 10,000+ attractions by themes, such as animals, celebrities, beliefs, and artistic creations. The app, which costs only $2.99, shows the attraction name, city, and distance from your location. You can use the Search tool for specific names or locations, or the Random tool to find some lesser-known attractions. Maybe you’ll find yourself at the world’s largest easel in Kansas, or America’s Largest Pyramid in Tennessee, or a giant Little Man with the Hammer in California. You can read more information on the app’s website here.